Missing You

It seems like I’ve written a lot about crying lately. I’m not a big crier (sappy movies aside), but I’ve spent the last 16 hours or so spontaneously bursting into tears. Every time I get it under control, another round starts up.

The initial catalyst was a certain young man who broke my heart more than I ever would have thought possible. I knew I really cared for him, but didn’t realize how much he had become a part of my life until he said those dreaded words.

After our conversation, I immediately called one of my best friends. I needed someone to talk to, but couldn’t seem to form any intelligible words. I didn’t have to, she knew what to say and when to say it, and when to just let me sob into the phone.

My best friends in the world were here for the last week for a friend’s wedding, and since that phone call last night I’ve realized how much I really miss them, and I suspect that most of the tears of the last day have been for them. We all keep in close contact, and see each other fairly often for a group of 6 people spread all over the US. But there is nothing quite like that face-to-face time. All huddled under one roof, giggling, eating (there’s always lots of eating), gossiping, comforting, supporting and encouraging each other. I never laugh (or cry) quite like I do with those women.

Ever since college, we’ve talked about how great it would be to all live in the same state again. Now there are two of us back here, and we’re pulling for the others. We laughed all weekend setting imaginary timelines for the girls to move back to Colorado. We joked about where they could work if they can’t find a job right away (which corner of Colfax) and where we would live in relation to each other (including co-owning an 8 bedroom house in Manitou Springs). The general consensus is that within three years, most of us will be living out here.

I can’t wait, ladies–see you in 2010! I’ll bring the packing tape.

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