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Ahh, Shit

Shit.  I started a blog post after work today.  But then J called.  My drinking buddy and best friend in town.  So I saved the post (I’ll try to remember to post it tomorrow, but no promises) and went out.  … Continue reading

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I’m So Going to Hell…

Blame it on my heretical Catholic upbringing and the encouragement from friends like BS and MC, but I read this article today and my first thought was a certain friend screaming “baaaaby jeesus” in public prompting a mix of hilarious laughter … Continue reading

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I can’t decide.  One I have a history with but can’t have; one fits and there’s an obvious chemistry, but I’m not sure I completely trust; one “can hang” and is fun and adventurous, but lacks a certain chemistry; and … Continue reading

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That Last One Might Have Been a Mistake…

Tonight was supposed to be a simple girl’s night.  I’m in the middle of grant stress and J’s in layoff hell.  We went out for a couple of drinks. 5 hours later, I can barely type, I’m congratulating myself for … Continue reading

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New First Date Question?

I am admittedly one of those people who LOVES personality tests and astrology. So when I saw this story, I couldn’t resist. While I love all colors of the spectrum and try to surround myself with a mix in my … Continue reading

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