That Last One Might Have Been a Mistake…

Tonight was supposed to be a simple girl’s night.  I’m in the middle of grant stress and J’s in layoff hell.  We went out for a couple of drinks. 5 hours later, I can barely type, I’m congratulating myself for remembering to feed the cat; I can barely type (thanks spellchecker); and I’m thinking “holy shit I have to ride my bike to work in how many hours?!”  But tonight was fun…venting about work, talking about boys, relationships, the first time my friend J and I met (it was funny, but probably only for us), the people we don’t like (we may be better than that, but we’re still girls–that gossip gene runs deep.) It was a great night. Then those guys bought us more drinks.  We had just closed our tabs, were on our way out.  Who turns down free drinks??  Now we have to screen our freakin’ callls.  Damn.  I have got to learn the art of the fake number…”my name is Regina Phillange and my number is….”

**And sorry to those friends I might have called and/or text messaged–it was Stella, not me 🙂

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