I’m So Going to Hell…

Blame it on my heretical Catholic upbringing and the encouragement from friends like BS and MC, but I read this article today and my first thought was a certain friend screaming “baaaaby jeesus” in public prompting a mix of hilarious laughter from part of our party, and mortal embarrassment from the other; the second was “I have to see this nekkid chocolate jesus.  (I know, sick, right?)

I think it’s my parents’ fault.  Or maybe not, but I have a sick fascination with Jesus paraphernalia.  My favorite mailing of all time came from some evangelistic church in Oklahoma–BS and I got hours of amusement out of the phrase “rub the prayer rug”; and MC and I once spent the better part of a day trying to outdo each other with promo Jesus products sold online (some by religious groups).  A couple of my faves can be found here and here and especially here (which I can only find on flickr now, but I swear to god I originally found on a religious website. Guess they finally got the joke).

***For more interesting work from Cavallaro, check out his website.  Although I think a lot of his work is pretty disturbing, I got a major kick out of his hotel room covered in cheese (see the cheese room link on his site).  It’s right up there with the house covered in aluminum foil.

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