Ahh, Shit

Shit.  I started a blog post after work today.  But then J called.  My drinking buddy and best friend in town.  So I saved the post (I’ll try to remember to post it tomorrow, but no promises) and went out.  7 hours ago.  This was supposed to be a “happy hour only”.  I have to deal with angry and passionate neighborhood activists in a matter of hours.  And she’s going skiing.  This was supposed to be an early evening.  And I suppose in the grand scheme of our nights out this IS an early night.  But now it’s almost 1 AM.  I’m finally home, just realized my dinner consisted of tequila, lime and more tequila, the chips and salsa that we picked at at the bar, more tequila, and the chips I just managed to scrounge up in my cupboards.  Tomorrow could be a long day.  On the bright side, I’m planning to go to a Hunter Lovins lecture tomorrow afternoon. Yes, I am an eco-geek.  I’m over it, you should be, too.

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