Stupid People

Ok, I’ll admit, if I were alone and/or lost in the Rocky Mountain wilderness, I would probably be bear bait.  Or mountain lion food. I know my limitations, and “wilderness survivor” is probably one of them.  Which is why stories like this make me so f^&*in’ angry.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching some “Lost in the wilderness” story about 2 idiots who went hiking in the Amazon without a guide, map, sunscreen, bug spray, food or sufficient water and ended up lost for 6 days and more than 7 miles off course.  It was by shear luck that they stumbled upon a boat just before they killed themselves.  By the middle of the show, I was actually rooting for them to die.  They were that ignorant.  (of course, we already knew they lived since they were interviewed for the show).

So tonight I run across this story, of a 29 year old man who signed up for a survival course and died of dehydration 100 yards from a pool!  The guides carried emergency water, but didn’t give him any because “they did not want to spoil the character-building experience”.  I’m sorry, but when a person becomes so dehydrated that their speech is slurred, they can’t stay upright, they’re hallucinating and they ASK for water, you give them some.  That’s what “emergency water” is for.  What really got me, is that as part of this experience, participants are not allowed to actually carry water with them–they can only drink from a cup at a natural water source.  What “wilderness survivor” came up with this stupid idea?!?  Especially in the Utah desert! The guy’s family is trying to sue the camp, but so far nothing has come of it because he signed a liability waiver.  At the very least this is reckless endangerment.  Waiver or not.

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