Get Comfortable

In that skin you’re in. I love this video–stole it from one of my favorite blogs–Diary of a Freak Magnet, who stole it from YouTube.

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a Girls’ Night with a couple of girlfriends. Mostly sitting around drinking wine, talking about relationships (or lack of, in my case), and dancing to 30 years of Billboard #1 hits from J’s birthday week. At one point in the evening, we, as women often do, started complaining about those things in ourselves that we see as flaws–J doesn’t like her hair, M’s petite and short; and I’d like to tone up just about everywhere and be at least a little tan. It’s funny, but as we talked, J finally pointed out that 1) we all have amazing physical attributes that the others would love to have, and 2) these tend to be the ones we hate in ourselves. M and I would love to have J’s naturally thick, wavy hair that she can do anything with; M is petite and shorter than J & me, but she also naturally has almost no body fat; and I’m tall and long-legged with clear skin and incredible eyes–meaning I almost never have to wear make-up.

So here’s to loving (and working) what you’ve got.

And my new favorite video, that’s only tangentially related.

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