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It’s Not a Job, It’s a Lifestyle

I recently took a second job at Starbucks. (STARBUCKS!–you must be excited when you say it, like you just won the lottery.  And you’re hopped up on a triple espresso). So I had to go to this half day “Starbucks … Continue reading

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Open Letter to My Neighbor

Dear “thoughtful” neighbor, Thank you for the passive aggressive “it would be considerate of you to leave space for someone else to park here, especially on street sweeping days” letter you left on my car.  After being violently ill for … Continue reading

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Independence Day

Maybe I have adult-onset ADD, maybe I’m just flaky or unfocused, but in typical fashion (lately) I found my mind wandering to an odd place on the way home from work today… I was thinking about my bike—the Tour de … Continue reading

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