I trashed my car on Friday night.  Timing belt blew on the highway.  Engine’s (most likely) toast.  At the least I’m looking at a couple grand repair.  At worst, a new car (and car payment…ugh).

I woke up yesterday morning stressed and grumpy.  The whole experience was a nightmare–car loses all acceleration in traffic going 75+ mph, I was stuck for 2 hours in the dark & rain on an off ramp waiting for a tow truck, the tow truck driver lost control of his truck on our way back to the city when he was speeding in the rain and missed a curve in the dark.  Thought we were going to die.  Had to spend an hour and a half on the bus yesterday to go drop off my key at the body shop (they didn’t have a night drop box).

Sometime during that hour and a half, my pity party ended.  Watching people get off the bus at 8 AM on a Saturday to go to jobs that probably don’t even pay minimum wage (McDonald’s, PetSmart, Circuit City, etc), and seeing the homeless who are fixtures on some of the local street corners, I  realized how lucky I am.

In a city with thousands of transit-dependent riders who don’t have or can’t afford a car, I’m upset because I may have to buy a new one; I have friends who were willing and able to help me on Friday night when I was stressed and stranded (even if their help wasn’t all that helpful–at least they tried); I have family who are willing and able to help me if I can’t afford to fix my car or have to buy a new one; I’m healthy; I have car insurance; a nice, comfortable, affordable place to live; and my biggest complaint lately is that I have too many (good) jobs (3) and work too much.

Wow, I kind of feel like a spoiled brat.

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