I love my girls.  And tonight I needed them.  Actually, we needed each other.  One had a dressing down at work, one problems at work and a “grumpy” boyfriend at home, and one a breakup long in the making.  We sat at our little table at the neighborhood bar and vented, reassured and supported each other and stood up for women everywhere (we get pretty bold with beer in hand!)  Somewhere along the line we started talking about Friends–not friends, but “Friends“–the tv show.  It was funny to hear who we related with and who our friends saw us as.  J is definitely Monica–about as Type A as is humanly possible, driven, bold and spunky.  M is Rachel hands down–gorgeous, popular with guys, a little bit of a pushover.  I’m Phoebe.  A little bit hippy, kind of a flake, generally laid back–sometimes to a fault.. But the truth is, we’re all a little bit of all three, which is why we get along so well.

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