Rocky Mountain High

Happy chaos has descended on my city.  The Democrats have arrived!  I’ve been excited for over a year waiting for the DNC to come to Denver.  The day it was announced I signed up to volunteer. In what can only be a smack-down from fate, or pure luck, who knows,  now that’s it’s here, I’ve ended up with no volunteer assignment.

But I’m one of the (likely) thousands of lucky Denverites with a flexible work schedule, tons of available time off, and a boss almost as excited as I am.  So I’ve been playing Convention Tourist off and on all week and really enjoying the DNC festivities.

Sunday I biked with a friend down to the Green Frontier Fest in the DPAC Sculpture Park.  Lots of green vendors, food, entertainment (including Darryl Hannah, although I wasn’t there when she spoke).  Lots of happy tourists and locals.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon downtown people watching and participating in public events.  Sat in on one of the Round Table Discussions.  It was a pretty awesome collection of political minds and will.  The transportation geek in my was absolutely elated. Went to a private party put on by a local engineering group afterward.  Saw Hazel Miller and hobnobbed with Colorado’s elected officials.  A night at a local bar with the hometown posse was a perfect end to the day.

Today I (dutifully) stayed at work all day, but hit a Hillary Clinton watch party with the girls tonight. Pretty cool to see the locals turn out to watch Hillary projected on a sheet in the rain.

Tomorrow is work during the day and then heading downtown for some more festivities.  Most likely the NARAL gala, although if my friend BT comes up with an extra ticket to the Pepsi Center, I’m taking him up on it (I turned down tickets last night and tonight in favor of hanging out with friends).

Thursday is the Women’s Caucus and then heading to Invesco to join 60,000 of my closest friends in celebrating the nomination of our next President!  I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.  I feel like it’s Christmas and my birthday and the first day of summer all wrapped up into one.  It’s a damn good week!

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