7 Days of Happy Thoughts

I realized last night that I’ve been in an incredible mood the last week or so! I think it’s because signs of spring are finally here, and with it comes a sense of rebirth, rejuvenation, fresh starts and a much-needed shot of energy. After a long (and kind of crappy) late winter, I have a lot to be happy (and thankful) for right now…in no particular order:

1. It’s finally warm enough to keep windows open into the evening. The cat is very, very happy. And so am I.
2. New ski pants (this would be even better if I’d actually been able to use them over the weekend as planned, but finding new pants is still a reason to celebrate).
3. Bad date–Note to Bob: if you tell a woman on a first date that you are building an artificial intelligence robot in your basement, you will not get a 2nd date, and yes, she will think you’re a freak and will tell all of her friends (and post it on the internet) (the date sucked, but it’s an hilarious story, and will make a great chapter if I ever get around to writing that book)
4. Trip to Vegas–booked!
5. Trip to Mexico–in the works!
6. Trip to the flatland–in the works!
7. Doing the crossword via text message with a cute boy who thinks brains are sexy
8. First outdoor meeting of the year…led to the first sunburn of the season, which is now the first farmer tan of the season. I don’t love the sunburn, but I love the outdoor meetings and sunshine.
8. Accepted to grad school! Entering fall 2010.
9. Snuggles & “bye-bye” from J
10. Sunshine, fresh air, and frozen yogurt with a new friend met under bad (and weird) circumstances
11. New haircut and color (although I’m still not sure about the new color)–have I mentioned that I love my stylist!? I give her free rein over my hair and she makes me look and feel great! (Plus, she’s a great source of stories, gossip and encouragement).
12. Finally watched Capitalism: A Love Story. Reminded me that:

  1. I’m still not tired of hearing the phrase “President Barack Obama”, and
  2. I still feel nervous and on edge waiting for the Presidential race to be called watching election night footage from 2008. And every time I hear it called for Obama I’m hit with a flood of hopeful/relieved/excited/exhilarated emotion that sends me straight back to the Dems after-party on November 4, 2008. I hope this never goes away.

13. Garden beds cleaned out and ready for planting
14. Mint and thyme have both already started coming up with a vengeance! Catnip has not (sort of hoping it might not return this year since Abz is actually afraid of it).
15. Back porch is cleaned off and I can finally get to my bike. Now I just need to wake up early enough to actually ride into work.
16. Catching up with one of my best friends (even if we were both too tired to hold a coherent conversation)
17. Quiet evening at home to (finally) catch up on reading magazine subscriptions (and discovery of lots of new recipes I can’t wait to try–thanks Cooking Light!)
18. Flexible enough work schedule to actually enjoy sunny warm afternoons
19. Successfully jerry-rigging a chiminea for drinks with the girls outside. We didn’t burn down the house, porch or backyard (although we sure tried).
20. Blossoms on both peach trees! If we don’t get another freeze (fingers crossed) I should be loaded down with peaches in a couple of months! Jam-making here I come!
21. Upcoming weekend plans…hiking, tree-planting, drinks with friends…

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