More Happy Thoughts…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am, how fortunate to have the things I do (especially when so many have so little), and to have people who love me and who I love around me, and how much pure joy I have in my life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, and frustrations. Sometimes I need a little reminder of the good…here’s a sampling from the last 30ish days…

1. Fabulous backyard wedding with great friends (and Bean-dog!—the best wedding attendant ever!!)
2. Reconnecting with an old friend/ex-flame and realizing that sometimes you have to just let go and put your trust in the universe
3. Nuggets game. I only made one this season, but it was a playoff game and we won!
4. New friends met over pizza and beer who made me laugh harder than I think I’ve ever laughed in my life
5. Late night text messages with a man who thinks I’m sexy. Darlin’, if you ever get a night off work, we might actually get to see each other
6. Denver launched the first large bikeshare system in the US! Not really my personal victory, but I love seeing people on the bikes around town, and it’s really cool to see a legacy project from the planning we did for the DNC 2 years ago finally hit the ground
7. Happy news from a great friend (congrats, BD & TR!)
8. Impromptu dance party after lots and lots and lots of wine at Ladies’ Wine Night… “shock me like an electric eel”
9. Hilarious emails from a friend with a twisted sense of humor. So glad we have that in common! (even though we’re probably going to hell)…I can’t think of Jesus, midgets or Christmas now without laughing. It’s all your fault, MK. Keep it up, please.
10. Crepes and wine with Bex (those crepes were so good, I’m still thinking about them a week later! Do you remember the name of that wine??)
11. New socially-conscious restaurant with great food and an interesting philosophy (if you’re in Denver, check out Same Café on Colfax)
12. Cupcakes! (Note to self: next time, buy 6…one is not enough)
13. Sunshine, porch-sitting and AS’s super delicious home brew
14. Lilacs, lilacs everywhere! If I ever own my own house, the yard is going to be full of lilac bushes. And I may just marry the first man who brings me lilacs instead of roses.
15. First date with a smart man with a killer smile (and he’s a Jayhawks fan!)
16. Snow in May. I’m so over the cold, wet weather, but weird Colorado weather always makes me giggle, especially when snow follows a day of 70 & sunshine
17. I currently only have 3 pairs of pants that fit, and thanks to lots of stress, am back to my pre-Colorado size! Not excited to buy a new wardrobe, but I’m really excited to be 10 pounds lighter than I was a few months ago
18. New alternator for LittleRed. Not happy about the breakdown, or the $500 repair bill, but since LittleRed is 11 years old with 120K miles, I worry that every breakdown will be the end of our relationship, and unlike the last 3 breakdowns, this one didn’t require a tow truck!
19. Bonnaroo buzz ice cream…whoever came up with the idea of putting coffee ice cream with whiskey caramel swirls and toffee deserves a medal or some sort of major award. Fact.
20. Updates and comments from a fast-witted Viking chick that never fails to make me laugh.
21. Second date with a smart man with a killer smile
22. Impromptu phone date with my sister-from-another-mister. I miss our random weekday wine nights since you moved to Kansas. The phone dates are an acceptable substitute, but they’re not the same. On the other hand, I don’t go through nearly as much wine on the phone (or stumble home at 2 AM on a Wednesday…)
23. First hike of the season is this weekend. And it’s supposed to be 70 degrees!
24. A certain someone occupies a little less of my thoughts everyday; it feels great to finally move forward
25. The sun is still out every night when I leave work (even on my late meeting nights). I love spring/summer!
26. Scheming for a certain friend’s bachelorette party surprise…
27. I’m still employed. Working for a small company during a recession is always a bit of a crap-shoot. I may not be employed in 12 months, or even in 6, but I’m grateful for every day I get to show up and get paid
28. Registered for grad school classes–no going back now!
29. Baseball season has started. Haven’t made it to a game yet this year, but soon…(it has to stop snowing first!)
30. Last minute visit from a KC friend! Can’t wait to see you!
31. Weekend farmer’s market has started. Have I mentioned I love summer?
32. Garden perennials are going strong, trees in back yard are budded, and veggie plot is ready to plant (if it ever stops snowing)
33. A care package for, and excited text messages from the world’s greatest 12 year old. I miss you, little lady and hope you have a great trip!
34. Mom’s on the mend!
35. A much-needed trip back to the flatland to see friends and family in 2 weeks
36. If all goes well, Mexico will be booked by the end of the day tomorrow! Sunshine, sand, bikinis and drinks with umbrellas, here we come!

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