I like this trend of tracking my happy thoughts over a period of time.  So far, this summer’s been great!  Here are some highlights from the last few weeks…

1. Bi-weekly neighborhood block parties.  Someone on my block had a genius idea to start every-other-week “porch parties” on our block.  It’s been a great way to get to know my neighbors and unwind on Friday nights.

2. Weekend wedding extravaganza with good friends.  It was an exhausting 3 days and my liver hasn’t fully recovered, but it was great hanging out with friends (old and new) and celebrating.

3. Baseball game, beers, and laughs with a cute red-headed guy who cracks me up.

4. Dinner, fireworks and a Saturday night trip to Target with a great friend.  It might not have been the most exciting 4th of July celebration, but it was fun.

5. BBQ, fireworks and waiting out a thunderstorm with great college friends.

6. Trip to the zoo with Lindy.  Had a “Harry Potter” moment at the Grizzly exhibit.  Realized when I was staring into a huge bear face about a foot away from me that my first thought was “I really hope there isn’t a witch or wizard in here who speaks grizzly and who will make the glass between us evaporate so the bear can leave” ala Harry Potter and the snake!

7. Tapas-hopping and birthday celebrating with JT.  Highly recommend The 9th Door.

8. Lindy might disagree with me, and is probably still recovering from her 1 experience with this, but there’s nothing quite as amusing as watching a parade after several drinks with B.  If she ever needs a new job, parade play-by-play commentator might be perfect for her.  “WhooHoo for tandems!” “Yay for legwarmers!””Whoot…tall bikes!”…

9. Hiking with a cool Viking chic and hilarious northerner.  Getting lost (twice) didn’t stop us from hitting the trail (once we found it).  We might have overestimated our endurance for a mid-afternoon hike, but it was fun anyway.

10. Wine tea party to christen a new friend’s house.  Wine really does taste better after moving a bunch of boxes, and when you’re drinking it out of little plastic tea party cups…

11. Hiking at Hermit Open Space.  We grumbled a lot, but we made it to the top of the peak!  And the fried pickles afterward, were awesome!

12. Return to weekly(ish) happy hours with AS.  Glad you got to go to Italy, but even happier you’re home!

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