All the world’s pennies

When my (not so little anymore) brother was a kid, he loved to collect things…baseball cards, basketball cards, trucks, He-Man action figures, Legos…anything he could get his hands on.  Mom used to joke that his first sentence was “I want the whole collection”.  I ran across this earlier today, and immediately thought of him: when he was a teenager, he decided he wanted to collect all of the pennies in the world.  His rationale was that pennies aren’t really worth much, so they would be easy to amass over time–after all, who really wants to hold on to pennies when they clean out their pockets or purses?…They aren’t really all that useful.  So he set out on a mission.  I’ve always wondered what he would do with all those pennies once he got them, after all, if he cashed them in, his collection would be gone.  Maybe he could expand his furniture business (Measure Cut Cut) to include custom floors like this:

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