(No, that is not supposed to say “badgers”.  I may be a bad speller, but not that bad.)

Girl Scouts recently announced a new system of badges that brings scouting into the 21st Century.  Some of the old ones are still in there–badges for cooking, interacting with nature, etc–but now girls can also earn badges like the “Digital Movie Maker” or “Computer Expert” or my favorite “The Science of Happiness”.  These are a big step up from the badges I was earning almost 30 years ago, but they still aren’t as cool as these:

Looking through this list, I think I get to add a couple since the last time I posted on this:

I think I should qualify for the “I’m pretty confident around an open flame” badge in which recipients have demonstrated proficiency around open flames in laboratory settings. ***my mom might counter this since I did manage to start a small fire in the backyard with some sterno as a kid, and recently started a fire in my kitchen with some errant broiling.  However, both fires were put out without too much damage, so I think it counts.

The “will glady kick sexual harasser’s ass” badge.
(And we mean “ass” in the most holistic of ways). In which the recipient stands up to such miscreants in the work place. Places of science should know better. (SF)  ***anyone who knows me well understands why I should get this one. (hell, if I have to put up with his shit, at the very least I should get a badge for it!)

and the “statistical linear regression” badge.
We figured that if you actually know what those three words together mean, then you deserve a badge. Statistics rock! (NG)  ***thank you grad school–I knew those methods classes (yes, classes, plural) had to be good for something!

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2 Responses to Badges!

  1. mark says:

    I did read it as “Badgers.” There should be Badgers badges, too.

    You get the “Level III Kick Harasser’s Ass” badge, on which you get to put a photo of said harasser.

    I especially like the ones with levels. Even people like me, science geeks who aren’t scientists, can qualify for them. I qualify for Level II in the “has frozen stuff just to see what happens” and the “I’ve set fire to stuff” badges, and Level III in the the “experienced with electrical shock” badge.

  2. cololc says:

    I think next time we have beer I may need to hear the story of the Level III “experienced with electrical shock” qualifications. You know, for science, not because it’s probably hilarious.

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